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Friday, December 30, 2011

So, silver is "crashing"..... ok

Silver has sold off from its high at just a skosh under 50 dollars to about 26 dollars. It rallied yesterday a bit and is now about 28 dollars. This last selloff is on VERY VERY low volume, but a decline is a decline.

Is it time to dump silver? I think not. I am buying, myself. PHYSICAL, SOLID IN MY HAND SILVER. I purchased about 3,000 dollars worth down at these levels and wish I had more cash. I put them in ammo cans and they are at an undisclosed location. Look at the actual price performance over the last 10 years. Silver was at 4 dollars an ounce in 2001. It is now, AFTER SELLING OFF, at 28 dollars. This is a 700 per cent increase. For the stock market to return this way, the dow would have to be at approximately 70,000. Yeah, you read that right, SEVENTY THOUSAND. To mirror silver's performance, it would have had to reach ONE HUNDRED FORTY THOUSAND. The story of gold is similar, though not quite as dramatic. It is only a 500 per cent rise since 2001, with the top at 700 per cent.

If equities had been making these kinds of returns, the WSJ headlines and nightly news would be screeching at full volume that anyone not in equities is a dunderheaded fool and the present retrenchment represents a buying opportunity unprecedented in history.

When you combine that price history with the astounding debt levels and mad spending of world governments, there seems only one reason NOT to buy silver and gold here, and that would be a commitment to have on hand basic life sustaining elements (food, water filter, generator, etc) in the event of a temporary hiccup in our "grid" for sustenance. If those are in place and ordered, I do not know why someone would not pile every spare dollar into gold and silver.

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