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Friday, January 06, 2012

Racist Ron Paul Newsletters, memo from CNN HQ

OK, here it is. Final proof that the letters that caused such a stink back in the early 1990s were NOT being written by Ron Paul.>

Here is a scan of one of them, which clearly shows the author during that period of time to be a Mr. "James Powell." At present, this story is still breaking.... and of course WE aren't going to be looking for what really happened....., so we don't know yet if James Powell is

1) a guy at the CATO institute - my guess.


2) one of the directors at FORBES (who is also connected to FOX media! have someone look at this)

Either way, it lends clear credence to the portrayal by Ron that this was in the early days of the libertarian movement, and it was wild, freewheeling, with huge freedom and disorganization and a lack of "control" (hmmmm, kind of like libertarianism). If something happened that was inappropriate, you simply said "nope, that is not me" and fired the person doing it, or disassociated yourself from them.


This is actually what terrifies the control freaks and wet diaper whiners of the right and left. We can use this to our advantage. Without any help from us, they will moan and complain and shriek in terror about the "dangers" of such a lack of rules to protect us and make sure we wear our star of David..... er, I mean show our papers..... no, that is not it either...... well, you know what I mean just like I do.... I think. Anyway, these mewling crybabies can always be counted on to moan that THERE HAVE TO BE RULES. Of course, we here at Pentagon/media/banking/ will be happy to allay their fears Otherwise we will have dogs and cats living together and everyone doing what we want and no CONTROL.......and in short, CHAOS, not to mention a loss of money and power here. This cannot be tolerated.

Because of the violation of this principle of control, these libertarians MUST BE STOPPED. Truth must NOT be a barrier. Responsible journalism must give way to guilt by asking the same damfool questions over and over and accusing the same lies a million times no matter what answers are given.

In short, we have to enshrine the standards of Gloria Borger, who encapsulated so well this policy by asking the same question 8 times over and over in one interview, finally pissing off the object of her witch hunt...... and then editing the released clip to make her intended quarry appear to be flipping out over a simple reasonable line of questions. This is a masterful application of the Goebbels journalism standard, which consists of an absolute REFUSAL to go digging into the archives of the Ron Paul newsletters themselves to try and uncover the facts (it took a Ron Paul supporter to do that!), but rather to simply wave the offending articles and shriek "admit your guilt!!!"

We can always count on the aphorism of Mark Twain "h'aint we got all the fools in town on our side? And ain't that a big enough majority in any town?" The left has long been known as an idiot crowd who lust for government control like a horny 17 year old boy gazing longingly on internet porn. However, the delightful discovery that is coming out is that the "conservative" movement is full of meat heads who are just as committed to centralization and totalitarianism. It took less than 4 hours for these useful tools to begin sneering at the "hypocrisy" and gravely intoning their predictions that "the media" will destroy the candidate over this. The idea that the truth might come out has never entered the thought horizon of these persons. This actually shows them to be tools because they WANT to be tools. They will simply repeat what we tell them.

Now that the truth has come out, these rubes have forgotten the original issue and are fixated on another of our accusations. We have moved on, and so have they. By the time we finish waving the current issue (an offending tweet re: John Huntsman) in their faces, the truth that twitter can be hacked quite easily has also vanished from the picture. We have the garrulous "GIVE ME MY METAMUCIL, DAMMIT!" crowd from the right so eating out of our hands that they never even consider that when the offending contemptuous tweet about was taken down, it mysteriously RE APPEARED a few moments later. Americans are such imbeciles that we can spin this to insinuate that Dr. Evil is a gibbering old fool who is hopelessly obsessed with spiteful evil and childish gloating and simply cannot help himself, but MUST post in gleeful triumph over a candidate who wasn't even running. Again, we can count on the stupidity of the right to coalesce with WHAT THEY WANT TO BELIEVE to aid us, here.

In short, the observation of the reporter covering the pentagon that "if Ron Paul is elected over 1/3 of these people will lose their jobs"... while a horrifying prospect, is not really on the immediate horizon. While his ideas are hugely popular with the young voters (with over 50% of them in Iowa voting for the libertarian nutcase), we have a good buffer zone of bible thumping Christian Sharia advocates on the right that we can use to scare the sh*t out of the soccer mom crowd, and of course, the left has been in our pocket for some time. The collapse of the centralized collection of congress, military, media, and banking is not likely to occur soon...... at least until we can all safely collect our pensions.

Be of good cheer and carry on.

1993: The Ron Paul Strategy Guide | @RP_Newsletter:

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