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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

The fourth of July and hating America

Tomorrow is the fourth of July. Among the few freaks who actually think "what is all this about?" we will celebrate the signing of a document that is, above all else concerned with the FREEDOM OF THE INDIVIDUAL. Yeah, the document is in the context of forming of a new government and revolting against the old one. However, the core of it is a full frontal attack on one of the most destructive lies today, that there are "group rights" or "societal rights." The huge lie embraced today by many is that men must be viewed as a part of a group, rather than individuals (who may compose all sorts of different groups). The fiction most Americans believe is that the state of existing as a "group" creates some kind of (fuzzily defined) "group rights and obligations," and at times those trump individual rights. Modern statists proclaim that we must look for a diversity between those two, group rights and individual rights. This is the division point between the (few) individuals who talk about "liberty" and modern statists. The Declaration of Independence say it very very plainly. GROUPS (in this case, government, but all groups in reality) EXIST FOR THE RIGHTS OF INDIVIDUALS, INDIVIDUALS **NEVER** SURRENDER RIGHTS FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE GROUP. This is the big difference between so called "liberals" and the people whose name they stole (the current libertarians). Every single statist redistributionist big government monstrosity, from the so called "right" or "left" (and the two are hardly distinguishable, despite all the howlings of "conservatives" to the contrary), rests on destroying this basic premise..... the rights of the individual are sovereign. The DOI is a document asserting the ONLY reason for the existence of the government is to protect the sovereign (it is my qualifier, not in the document you know what that word means?) rights of the individual. Not a group, not "society" not "the nation"..... but INDIVIDUAL rights of freedom... to do as they wish, live as they wish, treat their own bodies as they wish, be as unsafe (toward themselves) and insanely crazy as they wish, SPEND THEIR MONEY as they wish, worship (or not worship) as they wish, say the most offensive and vile and hurtful and hateful things as they wish, and in general, live lives free from the qualifier: "but this doesn't help SOCIETY!" If you say this among totalitarian statists (about 80% of the people, best I can tell) you will of course get all kinds of stupid idiotic suggestions like "go someplace where you can live alone in your tent" as if demanding the RIGHT to be left alone means everyone lives in some kind of atomized exclusivist hut somewhere. I don't know whether these people are so stupid they can't UNDERSTAND living in society as free people, or they fear freedom, but this much is clear. The Declaration of Independence is dead, most Americans hate what it really says, and therefore I have no idea what they are "celebrating," besides fireworks, barbecue, and beer. So go ahead and tack up a flag if it makes you feel "patriotic" or something. Put on Lee Greenwood and cry, for all I care. You may in fact genuinely "love your country" and love that flag and deeply respect all it "stands for." Be aware of this, though. Unless you are willing to state that the individual is sovereign over the group when it comes to personal liberty, you hate what it REALLY stands for. You have just made up another "America" to be patriotic for. I suppose that is your right. Have a happy fourth.

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