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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Karl Rove questions Sarah Palin's suitability for president - Telegraph

This was funny.

Karl Rove, whose computer-like mind (in a pre-Woodstock, IBM 026 key-punch card sort of way) directed George W. Bush’s eight disastrous years in the White House, now wonders whether another candidate has the necessary “gravitas” for the office. I am actually not a fan of Palin for president, but I found this so offputting that I appreciated Christopher Manion's comments over on Lew Rockwell.

From the record, let’s review Mr. Rove’s historic qualifiers for “gravitas”:

  • defy the Constitution and act on the basis of your gut
  • as a “good Christian,” embrace Lenin’s view of “permanent revolution,” as long as it’s democratic and imposed by American armed force and permanent occupation
  • betray the key promises you made in your campaign
  • thrive on constantly instilling fear in the populace
  • destroy liberty, privacy rights, the economy, the dollar, the GOP (“them that brung ya,” in the words of another famous Texan), the conservative and pro-life movements (without whom you’d have lost miserably), while you foment international contempt for the United States and its people
  • always insist that your unconstitutional wars are “America’s”
  • hide proof (now revealed) that as Commander-in-Chief you approved orders that US troops should not interfere when the puppet government installed by US occupiers tortured prisoners handed over to them by US forces
  • hand the country over on a silver platter to a pretentious, vapid, inexperienced, and egoistic nobody — a man much like yourself, come to think of it
  • never apologize, and schedule a book tour trumpeting your “successes”

Karl Rove questions Sarah Palin's suitability for president - Telegraph

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