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Saturday, November 20, 2010

The first signs of the coming dollar crash are in Hong Kong

Sovereign man has a very nice, insightful and VERY prescient article about the weakness of the world's fiat currencies, the strength of the Chinese remimbi, and the recent issuance of bonds by McDonalds denominated in Remimbi. However, the most significant story here is the relaxation of currency controls between Hong Kong (a protectorate of China, but one which has its own, freely traded currency) and China. The recent ruling that China can make instant cross border settlements with Hong Kong without gov't approval is a virtual nuke-sized hole in the currency restrictions that have held the Chinese currency down. Look for money (dollars especially) to gush into China and the remimbi to gush out.

If you don't have a broker with Hong Kong connections, now might be a time to get one. Moreover, a smart kid who moves to Hong Kong today and positions himself to facilitate the flow of money between the debt laden countries which use dollar/euro/yen and China will probably find himself amazingly wealthy in the years to come.

The first signs of the coming dollar crash are in Hong Kong

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Anonymous said...

Vladimir here. "Remimbi"? I'd be more careful with our new Chinese overlords...