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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Food for thought.......

I sat down and thought the other day about all the people who have said, in one form or another "When the fecal matter hits the fan, I am coming to stay with you."

This is jocular, well meaning, and maybe a way to comment on me swerving into being a "prepper" without revealing the true underlying thought that they think I am nuts, and likely to be in the headlines for some wild shooting spree, with these crazy anti-government rants and all those guns! Kind of the nervous, frozen smile and "heh heh" you get in polite company where no one has the stomach to say "you are freaking insane!"

However, in talking to some folks, they will admit that our problems are insurmountable and they cannot see a way out of our mind numbing debt. In that context they chuckle and refer to me putting aside precious metals, guns, ammo, and food as "maybe a good thing... the gold and silver has certainly been good to you, huh?" It is at that point in the conversation when they usually say "well, I am coming to YOUR house when all that stuff goes down."

I laugh and say "come on." But the problem is, I won't be here if things get so bad that they are looking for a safe place in the midst of an economic or societal implosion. I will, of course, try to stay local if things are moderately bad, but if things are screamingly dangerously "gotta find food" so that I am actually eating my store of rations, there is NO WAY I am hanging around a place where half the people are already dependent on government checks, helpless and prone to violent crime (Durham NC has some of the highest crime rates in the state). I have a place and more importantly, a group of people I have already pre-arranged to "get with."

The other thing is that if I WERE to stay here, I have heard this same line from over 17 families. That means they are just like the Durham welfare drones who have faith in that government dole. Their trust is that it just won't get that bad, and they will be continuously gainfully employed with moneys to provide. What they really think is "things will never get that bad." I really hope they are right......, but what if they DO get that bad? These are people I love. I would probably have to say "here is enough to keep you going a little bit, but you cannot stay here."

You should pray (if you pray) that I am crazy. Nothing would please me more than to give stored food away in bulk to keep it from going bad, and replenish it in about 10 years....., assuming I am still here on earth at that time. If things are really bad, do NOT imagine that you can just glom on to some person you know who is crazy enough to have some weapons and food stored away somewhere. Lots of folks are going to have the same ideas. If that person is REALLY well prepared and things are REALLY bad, you are going to show up at a house with an open door saying "Gone. Take what you can use."

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