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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Frances Fox Piven and Glenn Beck: A call for protest ignites a call to arms -

The reaction to Frances Fox Piven's essay urging the unemployed to protest for change shows that we are no longer a democracy but a tyranny of the heavily armed.

Barbara Ehrenreich, a depressingly boring leftist, reminds me again why it is a good thing that I and the great unwashed are armed. Bottom line is, they fear us. Revolutionary Leftists/collectivists do NOT fear an armed constabulary. They have enough influential people in power that they could actually re enact the Greek riots that Francis Piven called for in THE NATION and get away with it, mostly. What they fear is NOT the Justice Department. They have so redefined "justice" that they have been able to completely cow and intimidate the media and government that they can talk about riots mayhem and destructive violence as a tool of justice and the fed just blinks and ....., nothing. Maybe they go to confession and ask forgiveness or absolution of guilt or something. They certainly do NOT react like they would to some right wing paramilitary figure with armed raids and helicopter assaults. The left knows that they have nothing to fear from the organs of the state. They are, after all, family. One is just the crazy cousin who has to be hushed up a bit.

Ehrenreich's hysterical column shows, though, who they DO fear. They fear an armed, determined populace, as every tinpot dictator or dictator wannabee in history has. They know that we, the plaid shirt, pickup truck, gun toting, NRA belonging, Wal Mart shopping, church going, politically skeptical rubes out here in flyby are NOT going to react like the effete Peggy Noonan, cowering in fear in urban digs praying desperately that the police will save them from 33 round "clips".

Plain and simple, if Eherenreich and her merry band of communist idiots lead a "revolt," we are going to shoot their ass. Not that I think that is going to happen soon. Most of the loons Babs appeals to are middle class college kids, frustrated that the poor don't seem to have much motivation than collecting another government check and getting their nails done. However, they recognize the truth of the fact that we won't cut them the slack the government will if things go south. It makes her head spin around in frustration, wailing about "tyranny." It is also why redistributionists are always on the forefront for gun seizure laws.

Frances Fox Piven and Glenn Beck: A call for protest ignites a call to arms -

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