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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It is People vs Pundits..... AGAIN

Gun sales have skyrocketed after the events in AZ. This tells us what the reaction is from common folk to seeing the recent tragedy in Tuscon. They reason that if crazies like Loughner can demonstrate such obvious mental instability in so many venues and remain at large, then Joe and Jane Public should have the capacity to defend themselves. So, they buy the BEST deterrent to personal attacks that exist on the market, firearms. They reason that if Jared Loughner did not have a gun, he would have had a pipe, or a hammer, or a knife, or even a screwdriver. Those things will make you just as dead as a gun will. Moreover, if you are NOT a public figure who can afford a phalanx of paid security and are like me, over 50 years old, you might want something to even the odds if confronted by a gibbering lunatic or even a common thug who is say, early 20s. Unfortunately there WAS no phalanx of security at the recent tragedy. Sheriff Dupnik of Tuscon, although aware of the howling dementia of the shooter, was evidently preoccupied with finding incendiary remarks on talk radio and unable to bestir himself to address the situation.

Dupnik though has since raced to the limelight and displayed his prodigious intellect in highlighting the REAL problems here. The people have it wrong AGAIN. The real problems here are that we are stupid and taken in by hate filled screeching bomb throwers in the media. It has created an ocean out there of paranoia, distrust, and such a seething hostile attitude toward government that it makes it almost impossible to take over any new areas of our lives without some crazy at a town hall meeting making elliptical remarks about people SEIZING power from them in the name of something called the "Constitution." This ocean of hostility just creates a bad ENVIRONMENT. It pushes crazies like Jared Loughner (who did not listen to right wing radio or TV news, and did not even VOTE in the last election) into an ecstasy of hatred and violence. So you see, it is NOT the fault of Pima County Sheriff's dept, nor the law enforcement division of the Community College, for not sending BATF a note that this individual was mentally unstable. Although that simple act would have derailed any firearm purchase from a retailer, it is the ATMOSPHERE which is to blame.

Clearly the way to address this problem (after we re institute the fairness doctrine and get that damned Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh off the air!) is to drop a heavy iron fisted blanket on GUN SALES. Never mind that law enforcement had FIVE OPPORTUNITIES to send a simple note to DC to prohibit this deranged person from firearm acquisition. It didn't work, and the crack, elite team of Sheriff Dupnik need help or the crazies are going to take over. We need more restrictive gun laws.

See, once again the public is simply stupid. THEY think that rushing down and arming themselves is a good idea. We are so very lucky to have a group of scribbling pundits who can correct our errors and lecture us how the true problem is the atmosphere of hate and the laws, which are already responsible for too many guns on the street.

So, the little people, the common folk, hoi polloi, you are wrong, AGAIN. Short sighted, ignorant, bigoted, easily swayed and manipulated tools of Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin. Don't you think it is time you listened to your betters, before more people die?

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