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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Crisis getting worse: First Greeks speak of revolution - foreign policy -

By PAUL and GEORGE Ronzheimer KALOZOIS (currently Athens)
To hear the protests simply do not ...!
On the fifth day in a row, the Greeks protested on Sunday in the capital city Athens against the tough austerity measures the government. With drums and banners, more than 40 000 people marched to the Parliament. Even with heavy heavy motorcycles and whistles they created deafening noise,

broke in June Greece?

CIA warns of bloody unrest

Greece out of the Euro-zone?

was unfortunately quite IMAGE

Greeks bring money to German accounts

PAGE reporters at the weekend there when the Greeks at Syntagma Square "Thieves! ! Thieves. "Screaming, with laser pointers to the windows of the building aim to raise banners shouting," Come out, you politicians, we want to eat you ... "
Hundreds of policemen secure the parliament building, fearing attacks. But it remains peaceful. Yet.
A horror message to the other makes the Greeks always nervous. On Friday evening, the failure of a crisis meeting of the parties. One after another, business representatives from the IMF and EU on the country, threaten to open a stop payment.
And even Greek politicians are already talking about returning to drachma - a few months ago an absolute taboo ...
Aristofou Kounakis (36, father) told BILD: "The politicians have promised us that we come to the EU money through the crisis. They have failed. We now need a peaceful revolution! "
He was with his wife and two children came to the demonstration, they wave Greek flags. Kounakis says: "I work in a security company, it has taken me almost a quarter of my salary, also raises taxes. What are we to live? "
The anger of the Greeks is directed not only against its own policy but also against Europe and in particular Chancellor Angela Merkel. A banner read: "Merkel does not need us more small pigs. It exports to China now so enough ... "
Radical solutions are for the Greeks no longer a taboo. While a year ago, most of the policies of Prime Minister Giorgos Papandreou familiar and the austerity measures as a necessary evil has seen, are now turning more and more. One third of the Greeks could imagine a revolution.
Mikalis Milathianakis (23, student) already carries a "Revolution" T-shirt, says: "Especially for us young Greeks must be a radical new beginning We can not simply continue to torment by the mess as we are to the debt ever.. ? repay That's not good. "
The Greeks feared the collapse - and it's getting worse! The IMF report on the state of Greece, which decides on billions more payments fall, according to "Spiegel" from disaster. Accordingly, missed the country almost all the control objectives is, the promises made to privatization not yield. Also, EU Monetary Affairs Commissioner Oll Rehn threatened a stop payment, said: "We Europeans are the same conditions as the International Monetary Fund."
Meanwhile, the first time SPD party chief Frank-Walter Steinmeier put in the "Bams" a rescheduling of Greece into the game.

Crisis getting worse: First Greeks speak of revolution - foreign policy -

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