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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nation-States, Rothbard, Hayek and Ron Paul

"When a State declares its sovereignty over a geographic territory, it declares a monopoly right to protect the people both domestically and from foreign invaders. This monopoly is accompanied by its right to extract tribute from the people in the form of taxes along with a control of the domestic currency. These actions, even by majority rule, amount to a mafia like control over the people. The people are forced to pay for their protection by the State. Ron Paul has fought to end the income tax for decades but he is less radical than most Austrians who under a Rothbardian view of the world, would logically become anarchists. Dr. Paul takes a more conservative path of Constitutional Statism, a Hayekian path. Today's leading Austrians, reckognize the Rothbardian path as being more intellectually honest. I believe and hope that the election of Ron Paul will get us back to a Constitutional Statism from which we can progress in the long run to a more perfect non-union of people having the right to seceed and move to any geographic area where they feel most comfortable, like we had in colonial days."

This was lifted en toto from a Facebook response by a guy named Jerrold Arnowitz. I thought it excellent.

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