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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gold And Silver: We Were Right – They Were Wrong

We were right. You were wrong. Gold and silver are in what is called a "secular bull market" and will be for YEARS to come. The financial pundits were dead wrong, and if you are not sitting on some Gold Eagles, Krugeraands or Canadian maples, and not long some gold and silver stocks, you just missed a pile of easy money.

However, this show is a LONG way from over. There will be pullbacks, and some of them will be quite dramatic. If you are a trader, and are very nimble and very lucky, you might short a pullback here and there and make some money. I was a local in the futures pits (wheat, mostly) and good in and out traders can occasionally scalp a few ticks on a pullback.

However, your average shlub investor is not that good a trader. Your mouth and your ego may try to substitute, but truth is, if you fight the trend, you are gonna go broke...... spectacularly. Plus, you will watch your finances dwindle, your purchasing power drop, and you will be, in a word, UNHAPPY.

If you are an active trader, rather than do the stupid thing and sell the spikes and then try to jawbone the market down (PHENOMENALLY stupid), why not BE HAPPY? Buy the dips, lighten your position on the spikes and then buy heavier on the next dip.

You know, it is what EVERY successful trader does in a clear, defined, demonstrated trend, and gold and silver are in such a trend that only a certified single digit IQ moron would deny it. This one will last for YEARS because of the underlying structural situation and the fact that politicians always bungle this stuff. There is plenty of time to get smart and get long and make a chamberpot full of cash.

There is still PLENTY of time to get in on the road between gold 1600 to gold 2000 (or more) and silver from 40 to 100 dollars plus (these are very consevative estimates...., I actually look for values to be spectacularly higher). Buy some silver eagles, or silver dollars, or old 90% silver quarters/dimes/halves and just put them away.

Get happy and make some money here.

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