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Saturday, July 30, 2011

One of the stupidest criticisms of gold as money

Possibly the STUPIDEST comment I have seen by those who pooh pooh the PMs has been "Well, the gold market and silver market is JUST TO SMALL TO CONTAIN THE WORLD'S WEALTH."

There are times when comments are made which are so wall eyed ignorant that you start to speak, check yourself, start again, think of yet another reason this is idiocy and finally just splutter in frustration and have another beer.

Now that I have sobered up, I can only respond that this pristine marvel of idiocy assumes that there is some intrinsic REASON that assets should be valued in terms of pieces of paper with pics of dead politicians on them. There is no such reason, and the current events are in fact powerful reasons that this valuation system has proved itself an utter failure. I find that I only want to say this: DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT A POWERFUL ARGUMENT THIS IS THAT GOLD AND SILVER ARE *DRAMATICALLY* UNDERVALUED????

For something to be "money" one of its characteristics is that it must have "scarcity" as well as portability, divisibility, fungibility (exchanged for other items or services) etc. Central banks have destroyed one of the key elements necessary for any item to be "money" by printing loads of it. EVERY GOVERNMENT ENTRUSTED WITH PRINTING "JUST ENOUGH" PAPER FOR MONEY HAS RUINED THAT MONEY WITHIN 40 YEARS. Every single one in history. We abandoned any ties to gold as a backing for the dollar in 1971. I will assume you can cipher the numbers yourself. We already HAVE destroyed the dollar as a reliable unit of money. It is now just time to sit back and watch the stooges of the world wake up to the fact. They WILL return to the gold standard (although there may be a "basket" of standards tied to a fixed number of commodities). Every nation in history which has destroyed its currency has done so, and we are not going to be any different.

What that means is that you have an opportunity to profit here beyond your wildest dreams..... if you are careful. If all you do is buy gld and slv, then don't whine when the government changes the rules to confiscate your wealth. They have done so before. Remember, you are dealing with professional thieves... casino owners who WILL NOT LOSE. To win, you have to have MOST of your stuff in physical where they can't get their hands on it.

I play slv and gld and some mining stocks, but that is it. I "play" them. I want to pyramid Federal Reserve Notes so that I can buy more physical gold and silver.

Make yourself happy and give up on the "full faith and credit of the US Treasury," buy some gold and silver, and strap in for the ride.

It is gonna be fun.

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