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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lets all "go green"

I am all for clean air, clean water, unprocessed foods, and unpolluted healthy existence. However, there is a silliness about the Greens which is stupifying. You should note that the green movement is continually flacking stupid gimmicky stuff like "turning off our lights" in order to ........ what? Protest electricity generation? Protest electrical power itself? Protest the wicked capitalism which supplies the electrical grid?

Well this is what the night in an ecologically pristine environment unpolluted by capitalism looks like. This is North and South Korea. The North is in the grip of a Stalinist dictator and the South is a thriving democracy. One is totalitarian statism and one is free.

Electricity is truly a gift from God. It is the difference between the Dark Age and the present age…but not for everyone. Much of Africa is in darkness. too. People who hate civilization and the humans who created it are welcome to live out in the wilderness or in some primitive backward country where they burn dung to cook their meals.

If America doesn’t start building more coal-fired plants, nuclear plants, and other generators of electricity, we too shall live in darkness when the sun goes down. Be warned, the present administration is doing everything possible to make that future happen.

I am ALL FOR clean power sources and am actually hoping to have my next home "disconnected" as much as possible from the grid. However......, well, just grab a look at that picture again. Famine, anyone?

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