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Thursday, August 25, 2011

We Love Freedom! Wait, What's Freedom? by Jeff Berwick

The US Government's agenda to lobotomize the majority of Americans has been an unequivocal success.

Americans now live in one of the world's least free prison camps yet when asked they will tell you they live in the land of the free and, on top of that, they are attacking and occupying countries who did nothing to them because "they hate us for our freedom"!

They've been indoctrinated all of their formative years in mandatory children concentration camps (public schools or private, government regulated schools) and the Government and Federal Reserve has destroyed the economy to the point that it is the rare mother who actually stays home with her kids. Mom and Dad are both out working because they can't afford not to. And even if they can, the government promotes "women's liberation", which like all government programs, means the opposite of what it is called - and Mom works a full day before returning home exhausted and then giving her kids another few hours of brainwashing via television to complete the full day of programming. They even call it that right to their face... "we now return to your regularly scheduled programming". It's okay, no one ever figures it out.

And if the kids get upset at having to spend eight hours per day in kid jail they are immediately trotted off for their ingestion of toxic chemicals. Adderall. Prozac. Whatever... anything to keep them dumbed down and in line.

You can always spot an American anywhere in the world - not just because they take off their shoes and belt at every airport. Once in Thailand I was in a taxi with an American friend. We drove past a place that looked like it had difficult working conditions (it was a small sewing factory that didn't appear to have air conditioning in the dense heat of Bangkok).

He said, "That's a sweatshop!"

I agreed. They almost certainly were sweating in there! It was hot as hell.

"That should be shut down!" he intoned.

I tried to explain to him that in Thailand the Government doesn't regulate things like that. People of free will are allowed to make their own choices on whether they will work in those places or not. And, in fact, if they had government regulation, all it would mean is much less jobs as employers couldn't afford to employ as many people as they otherwise would (this may ring a bell for most manufacturing enterprises in the US).

His only response was, "What's the government regulated minimum wage here?"

I just hung my head and sighed.

Then, recently, in Mexico, I had met an American and we were walking along when a car flew by in the city at about 80 mph.

"Whoa! What's the speed limit here?" he asked, shocked.

I told him there are no speed limits.

He responded, "That's terrible!"

Yes. Yes. Americans love that freedom, don't they. As long as it is fully regulated, taxed and overseen by some government bureaucrat.

Even the Tea Party, which is supposed to be the most freedom-minded of the political affiliations in the US has attracted entire throngs of "freedom loving" people who are dependent on government programs and don't even know it.

One of the siren songs of the tea party lately has been, unbelievably, "Goverment, keep yore hands of my medicare!"

It's so hard to spell properly after 12 years of government education, after all.

But, yes, the point, spelled correctly or not is... We are against government involvement in our lives! Now, get out of here and stop messing with our medicare, social security and student loans, goddamn commies!

Cornell university recently did a study to see if Americans equate the money they receive from the US government with government “programs”. They asked Americans if they had ever used a government program.

43% of people on unemployment “benefits” said no. 43% of Medicare recipients said no. 44% of those on Social Security said no.

And to top it off they asked college students receiving Government "education" assistance if they were the recipients of government program and 53% of them said no.

So, we have now reached the point where the majority of 300 million+ people have no idea what freedom is ... have no idea where the money they receive comes from (over 50% of US citizens are net tax recipients)... and who think that the money they get comes from some magical pot o' gold called "Obama's stash".

We Love FREEDOM! Wait.... What's Freedom? Dollar Vigilante

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