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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Should I laugh.... or cry

This poor cretin is the object of much mirth among those who are looking for something to mock in the Occupy Wall Street festivities.

I must be a bleeding heart. I feel sorry for this kid. He is an imbecile, but I do feel sorry for him.

Kids today know something is fundamentally wrong at the core of our culture and economy. They just are so flamingly ignorant that they not only do not know what it is, but they don't even have any categories to put it in. As a result they are easy marks and shills for wicked people who should know better, but use them like pawns (Michael Moore and Al Sharpton come to mind, but there are myriad). Such appalling stupidity and naivete driving a zeal and idealism are bound to put the whole contraption in the ditch.

However, I can understand his moral confusion, as the "other side" has embraced idiocies every bit as clear and glaring and obvious as the howling nonsense proffered by the left. The "conservatives" in America piously announce that if you would just turn back to the constitutional principles on which we were founded, all would be well. While this is true, no one is more hostile to a true return to the principles of freedom and liberty than the mainstream Republican right wing. They embrace a big government moralism and foreign military/state affairs which would have horrified the founding fathers.

I will say it again. The root of these problems is a case study in simplicity. The older I get, the more I understand why the founding fathers continuously (no, MONOTONOUSLY ) hearkened back to what they called "first principles" and demanded we start there.

The root of our problems are all simple. The problems themselves are amazingly complex, as men have creative minds and an astounding capacity to screw things up, but the root issues are always simple: honest money, respect the rights of others (defined in the DOI), don't let power aggregate. Every single one of the howling messes we have today are results of violating these basic precepts.

The arguments for violating them are always the same, btw. It comes in a screeching hand wringing lugubrious summons to "do something" about this or that emergency. Some well meaning soul is always panting breathlessly that "People are" (choose one or several:) dying, starving, wasting in poverty, being oppressed, subject to tyranny, drinking polluted water, in danger from the exploiters, suffering under communism, suffering under islam, suffering under nazi-ism, suffering under capitalism, raping the children, raping the women, raping the goats, killing the seals, wanting to kill us, selling us drugs," and on and on. Many of these things are quite wicked. However, the siren cry is always to usurp power and violate liberties because (wait for it)......... WE ARE THE GOOD GUYS! (and we can be trusted!).

The founding fathers had no illusions about the wicked and depraved nature of the world. They were not naive men...., even about their own abilities to abandon freedom after they argued for it. Some of them, like John Adams and Patrick Henry, were aghast and horrified at the slave trade and the moral injustices we had here in the fledgling republic designed first and foremost to protect individual liberty. Jefferson violated the Constitution in the Louisiana Purchase, and Washington in the Whiskey Rebellion. They were not angels nor perfect men. However, they knew something that modern men have forgotten, either deliberately or conveniently. They knew that the very Creator who had endowed ALL MEN with inalienable rights had not appointed the USA to rule the world and enforce those rights. They knew that the argument of "doing good" may in fact do temporary good (!) but that the long term results would be tyranny.

I really wish there were an alternative for this poor befuddled feckless dolt to see. What I perceive is just two groups of people who pet and groom their own monsters of big government, and who primp them up and put makeup on them to "purtify" them once every couple of years when they want election results.

EDIT: Turns out this guy is Edward T Hall III and is a trust fund baby! lol.

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