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Friday, October 28, 2011

Two of my absolute favorite intenet personalities are "BrotherJohnF" who is a technical analyst and trader who has a channel on Youtube and a guy named Jeff Berwick, who runs an anarchocapitalist website called .

BrotherJohnF has a delightful daily read on the silver and currency markets. EVEN IF YOU HAVE NO INTEREST IN TRADING YOU SHOULD TUNE IN TO THIS GUY. You will learn more about "how the world operates" than a hundred courses on econ and sociology, and a gazillion scans of Huffpo or Slate or Drudge, CNN or Glen Beck. He does the absolutely delightful and fascinating thing of taking you through his charts and analysis of econ, and then segueing into some newsletter or blog to illustrate the point. He has been an amazing source of info to me, and hits tons of great resource people: zero hedge, golden jackass, seeking alpha, daily bell, lots of good and not well known sources of cultural and economic insight. Yesterday, he quoted an interview with Jeff Berwick, with whom I have had some brief personal interaction. FASCINATING guy. For your own protection, I would recommend you listening to the vid from yesterday.

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