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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Investors to Silver: 'Let’s Get Physical' by Frank Holmes


from the article:

Some skeptics may argue that there is no backwardation apparent from COMEX settlement prices. Aside from the fact that COMEX recently changed the method to determine settlement prices from a market-driven basis to instead allow a manual override, which now makes backwardation on the posted COMEX settlement prices virtually impossible, one has to first recognize that COMEX is first and foremost a market for paper-gold and paper-silver.

Interesting notation I did not know. If the stats show you are creating big problems.... just change the way you report the stats.... problem solved! ha ha. It eventually comes back to bite you.

Any way you look at it, the backwardation in gold and silver is a truly rare event and an exceptionally bullish one too. So be prepared for an upside explosion in the price of both precious metals as the scramble for physical metal intensifies even further, and investors increasingly choose to hold the metals themselves, instead of paper promises.

.... and maybe bankrupt JP Morgan in the process????? One can hope.

Investors to Silver: 'Let’s Get Physical' by Frank Holmes

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