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Friday, December 03, 2010

Want JP Morgan to crash? Buy silver

Are you an anarchist at heart? Do you secretly or openly loathe big corrupt corporations? Do you feel helpless when you witness the power and crookedness and sluice of money that goes between these mammoth organizations and government........ and screws over the little guy?

Tell the truth, would you not REALLY deep down inside... just once... like to STICK IT TO THE MAN?

Well here is your chance. And I mean it. This could have bone rattling implications on the corrupt banking cartel that is RUINING the economy of the entire world (starting with America and the EU). It is a simple strategy. Buy a little bit of silver (or a lot, if you have the money), and take delivery of it. Put it in your hand.

Read the article below to see why this will crash one of the most corrupt, manipulative, deceptive financial institutions on the planet, and in the process pull down the gossamer web of lying derivatives hawkers. It is going to happen anyway. All financial systems are built on TRUST, and when people no longer trust them, they implode. They have definitely betrayed that trust, and you can be ahead of the rush to the exits.

Our system has become hopelessly corrupted and is unreformable, with derivatives "notional" value of over 10 times the value of the underlying markets in tangible goods and services. What that means is that "derivatives" like future, options, insurance, and swaps on a widget industry that produces 10 million dollars worth of widgets a year.... that industry has in the financial world over 100 million dollars worth of derivatives floating around. The derivatives themselves have swamped the underlying industries and have become completely unrelated to them....... except for the risk they pose.

Nowhere is this more crystal clear than in the element argentum, or silver. The casinos of Wall Street (aka "investment banks") have openly and blatantly manipulated the price of silver (and gold, but silver is a much smaller market) for years. They have "sold forward" derivative contracts of silver in huge, massive amounts, garnering small paper profits, but creating massive risks to themselves and the stability of the exchanges, and the entire worldwide financial system.

The problem is that the silver they sold does not exist. It is only on paper, as a promise. They have, over the years, built up a gogonzilla, a megaphon, a gastroodley amount of these fictitious silver bars they have sold but cannot deliver if the market actually demands them. I use made up words because the amounts are eye-popping. Just four of the IBs on Wall Street are pledged to deliver THE ENTIRE WORLD PRODUCTION OF SILVER FOR A YEAR. The problem is that of course they do not have this silver at all. What is worse is that one of these outfits (HSBC) is the "caretaker" or "trustee" of all the silver for the (very popular) ETF fund SLV, which is a stock that trades on the NY Stock Exchange. You see, the "underlying" silver you are supposed to be buying when you trade SLV is held in trust by an outfit who is has already sold FAR in excess the amount of silver they hold "in trust."

At its core, this is similar to a Ponzi scheme. You are selling promises that you cannot back up. A ponzi works until the promises get called in. The truly great thing about this is that silver is small enough (only 600 million oz produced yearly, worldwide, and almost all of this is used up by industry) and the big corporate thieves are in this deep enough, that making them eat what they have been shoveling the public is relatively easy. You just have to buy physical silver and take possession of it.

This is a pretty smart thing to do anyway, what with the looming collapse of the US dollar. Silver has gone up almost 300 per cent since the crash of Lehman two short years ago. It is not showing any "topping out" signs at all. It is a good investment for you to have as a part of your investments. If you are a "gloom and doom" person who is looking for severe societal problems in the next few years, then having some silver is especially wise, and could mean the difference between survival and starvation.

But even if things do not "unwind," it is good, and right, and moral to destroy what is like a ponzi, or a counterfeiting scheme. When you blatantly sell worthless paper that has nothing to back it up, you are like a counterfeiter, printing up dollar bills in your basement. It is wicked. It is stealing, and it should be stopped. The way to stop it is to "squeeze the shorts" or bring them the paper, and demand they deliver. In the famous words of the mega tycoon Daniel Drew "He who sells what isn't 'his'n', must buy it back, or go to prison." This refers to the sleazy person who has manipulated prices downward by "selling short" far in excess of what he can hope to actually deliver. When someone (Commodore Vanderbilt in the old days, the American Public today) buys up all these promises and says "bring em here, I want them," then the fun begins.

The "little guy" in America can do this, simply because the big banks are impossibly over-leveraged short, the silver market is so small, silver has a VERY VERY good chance of returning to a "monetary metal" (mail me about that if you need an explanation), and the paper currencies of the world are in a wild inflationary race right now. If just the citizenry of America (not counting China, or EU or others) bought ONE OUNCE (28 dollars and 50 cents as we speak) of silver and took it home (thus, off the market), the market would utterly panic. Three ounces, and industry could not get the silver they need to produce circuitry, solar panels, water filters, photo equipment, etc etc and would demand the banks cough up on the worthless promises they have made.

Just think. You could wreck the entire corrupt, vermin ridden, filthy financial establishment (and maybe the government too, if things got rolling just right) without a single bomb being detonated, a single death ......, well maybe some of the thieves in high positions in banks might jump, but whatever......, no FBI showing up at your door. You would not have to attend any rallies and wear shirts with those stupid marxist retread slogans or even wave one "don't tread on me" flag.

That is MY kind of anarchy, baby!

Want JP Morgan to crash? Buy silver | Max Keiser | Comment is free |


Anonymous said...

As always brother, you have insight into what is really going on in this formerly great nation. I always enjoy reading Snarktown, and forward it to many friends.

prescientdave said...

Been listening to Max Keiser say the same thing and I agree. It should be done but while an institution can be brought down that doesn't guarantee punishment for those involved. For generations these people have leveled covenant war against the people and should have it turned upon them. Get them, wives,mistresses, kids, grandkids, dogs, cats, parakeets,and drown the turtle

Frances said...

It's kinda weird though that JP Morgan still hasn't crashed despite the overwhelming propaganda to Buy Silver Assets on the internet.