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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What to expect from 2011....

We have spent ourselves into poverty and collapse. The elite ruling classes will resist the collapse of their power with every imaginable tactic. I expect to see coming:

1) Reinstitution of wage and price controls
2) Rationing of goods and services
3) Increasing militarization of everything in daily life for "security"
4) Replacement of Obamacare with a blending of Boehnercare, which will still be socialization of medicine, including some version of death panels
5) An insistence that our safety depends on government review of everything on the internet
6) Beginnings of talk of taxing WEALTH, not just income. Initially this will come from seizing IRAs by forcing them to "invest" in government bonds.
7) Talk of punishing speculators in gold and hard assets, and talk, if not yet implementation of federal seizure of gold.... again (did you know that under FDR, it was illegal for Americans to own gold?)
8) a great emphasis on the importance of "patriotism" and a visible effort to enlist religious mouthpieces to emphasize the importance of "God and country."
9) a spreading food crisis, with skyrocketing prices from a combination of high oil, overfertilized land and distribution breakdowns. This will lead to talk of food itself being a matter of "national security" with lots of boodle for Monsanto and other GMO producers. Rising food prices will lead to increased control over the commodities futures markets in the name of "punishing the speculators."
10) expansion of the war in Afghanistan into Pakistan, and maybe Yemen or some other Islamic country for good measure.

1 comment:

Cindy said...

Interesting, prophetic and frightening. Well said.