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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A call to peace. A call to calmness and joy. No arguments except to taste and see

I was recently introduced to a site that does me much good.

It is a daily (or close to daily) email from some farmer's wife (Ann Voskamp) in the Midwest (I think), somewhere.

There is a calmness, a radiance, a peace and just a plain GOODNESS that comes here without being syrupy or maudlin. It is a daily reminder to be happy, to be aware, to be thankful, to be respectful, to be humble......, in a word, to WORSHIP.

The woman is a fabulous artist and has a real gift for photography. She captures peace and glory together in her pics. She is also a wordsmith of the first order, and arranges sentences to buttress the messages she sends.

Finally, the subject matters are simplicity itself. Common life experiences of a very ordinary person become extraordinary, full of life and worth sharing.

I am not ashamed to say that I weep sometimes when I look at it.

I hope you enjoy the link.

A Holy Experience

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