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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A friend of mine recently asked:

Why do you mock conservatives and "neo-cons" when the REAL danger is the liberals in America?

Leaving aside the false premise that conservatives pose no threat to liberty..... (America is in danger from "conservatives" who gleefully give power to the state and promote perpetual war), it is because leftists are so BORING.

I mean, it is like shooting a couch for sport or something. How could you possibly miss? Tired cliched old hippies who have not had an original thought since that hit of orange sunshine in 1969. Bald ponytails and paunches with beards and passionate zeal that has to have viagra to advocate free love and metamucil to keep regular about it.

They really are not even worthy of a good vitriolic attack. A bit of mockery and a glass of prune juice will do:

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