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Friday, November 25, 2011

Are the OCCUPY crowd idiots? Sure! But they are so RIGHT on some things

Thanksgiving and Christmas. Two distinctively pious holidays, completely corrupted, imo.

Now we celebrate gluttony, football, and the beginning of a mad shopping spree, culminating in an orgy of materialism and advertisements for God-knows-what in the vain hope that diving into consumerism will give meaning to our otherwise pointless lives.

The "Occupy" crowd are gorgontually, fantasmally, epicononomously WRONG about their solutions to the problems, but they are dead on accurate in their criticisms. They are also accurate in the BASICS of how to rectify it. Just walk away. Say "no." (SCREAMING "NO!" is not inappropriate sometimes). Align with a counterculture. Think different and live different. Don't be afraid of the contemptuous dismissal of the lemmings, who allow others to think for them, form their values for them, erect codes of behavior for them, form their definition of "success" and finally force you to live your lives by proxy (watching them screw up their own lives on TV). Unplug. Drop out. Talk to your neighbors. Invite friends over for Yahtzee, or UNO, or gin rummy, or dominoes. Say "NO" to my latest lust object (for me it is a Saiga shotgun) and instead find some WORTHY charity that I can invest the time and money in.

This is something I am in the embryonic stages of forming for a New Year's Resolution for 2012. I want to do a prelim trial run by maybe actually redeeming two holidays from the clutches of those who would define them in terms of line items on a budget sheet. Thanksgiving is gone. Christmas is coming. If it really is true that the one gift beyond all value is what this thing is about, then I would like to make a stab at keeping the focus there this time.

My take on it, anyway.

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