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Friday, November 25, 2011

How weird: Pravda the voice of freedom

How bizarre it feels to have RT (Russia Today), which is the reincarnation of the old "Pravda" be so clear and accurate on understanding the importance of FREEDOM and LIBERTY, while the mainline "conservatives" of America are resembling more and more the old communists. The old politburo were all for freedom and all that, but the enemies of the people were just too great a threat to let freedom run unrestrained. It is sad to me to see GOOD men like Rick Santorum advocate totalitarianism in the name of protection. They (RT) see the issues in the recent debate on national security so much more clearly than our own "conservatives" do, as this link spells out.

I also find it sad that in America the most vigorous advocates of traditional values cheer on an encroaching state and consequent destruction of liberties in the name of security. I would have thought that HERE in the country that has been a bastion of personal liberties and petulant folk who DEMAND freedom, we would be an entire culture of Tatiana Limanovas, not just to Obama, but to the entire intrusive, freedom destroying, hegemonistic, power grabbing, "we will take care of you" DC culture.

Instead, we have PRAVDA!! PRAVDA for goosness sake!!! ......reminding us that security cannot be found by surrendering our freedoms. We may wind up preventing "crimes" but then the ultimate crime will be the state brutalizing the people it is tasked to protect.

Weird how things change, ain't it?

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