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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

This is hype, but still very good

This is all glitzed up and hollywood smarmy, but the basic info in it is absolutely correct. I have known about Bill Murphy, GATA, and Alex McGuire for a while. His testimony where he brought out Alex McGuire in front to the CFTC is absolutely brilliant, and unbelievably brave. This testimony is as heroic and brave as anything in "Braveheart." The stuff about attempted retaliation is absolutely true. Ventura just puts what is pretty commonly known with the Lew Rockwell/Ron Paul/Pat Buchanan crowd. Like I said, he is all flashy and "tough guy investigator" for the drama, but it is why I have been so adamantly convinced this stuff is going to blow up in our face.

This is not only NOT an issue of Republican vs. Democrat, but the fact is that this infection has COMPLETELY infiltrated the upper levels of both parties. There comes a time when the blood of a patient is so affected by sepsis that no matter what you do, the patient is going to die.

It is worth 45 mins of your time to watch.

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura S02E03 Wall Street - YouTube

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