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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Carter ends silence, praises Iraqi voting

James Earl Carter, the only president we ever had whose popularity rate dipped below the prime rate, has once more proved why he was the most inept president in memory. Honest to God, I can't remember when the man has been right about ANYTHING, except that he supports Habitat for Humanity. He has taken the ignominious tack of being the first ex-president to actively criticise and attempt to undermine the policies of a sitting president. After publicly attempting to undermine elections in Iraq by stating that the elections could not possibly be held in January and if they WERE held, would be illegitimate, he was simply humiliated by the results. It only took ten days after the election for him to choke out an acknowledgement that the election was a success. He is a venomous, small minded bitter little man who has never been able to get over losing to Reagan. I despise him. Story in The Washington Times

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