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Monday, February 21, 2005

Hunter Thompson R.I.P.

Hunter Thompson has killed himself.

He was hilariously funny, and a great writer. I liked him because he was not one of those mewling whining self destructive types who constantly bawls out about the pain he is in, and then goes out to do some more idiocy that brings pain to himself, and finally blames the right for his problems. He was coarse, bitter, cynical, wigged out, incisive, astute, and a delight to read.

The fact that he rejected God, truth, binding ethics and meaning coupled with his paranoid conspiracy tendencies automatically relegated his life to a fringe existence. That WAS sad and it was sad how he ended it, of course. I liked him because I always will sort of envy the guy who spits in the eye of life. He had courage, or maybe just cold cynicism, which is the best substitute for faith based courage a man who believes as he did could have. I respect him for that.

His world view made was similiar to today's "liberal" in its jumping off place (man is alone in the universe, ethics are a myth, "meaning" is a tool for controlling the masses) but the similiarity stopped where it began. His cold eyed realism caused him to despise the left and held them in almost as much contempt as I do.

He was a wonderfully talented man. I will miss his stuff.

Story is HERE

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