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Friday, February 11, 2005

Victor Hanson Why Democracy?

Victor Hanson's article on "Why Democracy? argues well enough that democracy is good and we should support it.

Well, Hooray!!! I support it.

The question is not whether I should "support" it but whether it is worthwhile to spend the blood of our kids (just found out today that a very good friend of mine has a son in Baghdad) and gazillions of dollars to "support" democracy halfway around the globe.

From the article "Realists counter that democratic roots will surely starve in sterile Middle East soil, and it is a waste of time to play Wilsonian games with a people full of anti-American hatred who display only ingratitude for the huge investment of American lives and treasure spent on their freedom." Color me realist.

The problem is, how do I say something like this loudly and vehemently without turning my back on, or denigrating the sacrifice of some very brave young men and women, the latches of whose shoes I am unworthy to tie?

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