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Friday, February 18, 2005

Jimmy Carter's Legacy

I posted a few days ago about what a despicable person and poor president I thought Jimmy Carter to be. Then I discovered on Power Line that Carter actually went to the Soviets TWICE to ask their help and promise payback if they would assist in seeing Reagan defeated. The whole article is a recount of damning evidence against the man, but
This article in FrontPage contains the following:

Soviet diplomatic accounts and material from the archives show that in January 1984 former President Jimmy Carter dropped by Soviet Ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin's residence for a private meeting.
Carter expressed his concern about and opposition to Reagan's defense buildup. He boldly told Dobrynin that Moscow would be better off with someone else in the White House. If Reagan won, he warned, 'There would not be a single agreement on arms control, especially on nuclear arms, as long as Reagan remained in power.'
Using the Russians to influence the presidential election was nothing new for Carter.
Schweizer reveals Russian documents that show that in the waning days of the 1980 campaign, the Carter White House dispatched businessman Armand Hammer to the Soviet Embassy.
Hammer was a longtime Soviet-phile, and he explained to the Soviet ambassador that Carter was 'clearly alarmed' at the prospect of losing to Reagan.
Hammer pleaded with the Russians for help. He asked if the Kremlin could expand Jewish emigration to bolster Carter's standing in the polls."
"Carter won't forget that service if he is elected," Hammer told Dobrynin.


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