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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Research points to new theory driving evolutionary changes

This interesting note: from SW Texas Medical Center in Dallas is another stake through the heart of monistic naturalism. It is very amusing to watch otherwise reasonable and hyper-rational people cling religiously to materialistic Darwinism as an explanation for the diversity of species. This is in the face of evidence that increasingly demonstrates the mathematical probabilities of such an ascension as nil.

Murry Eden in the 1966 Wistar Institute cranked up the science of genetics, probability theory, and the computers of MIT, and told the world that the math just did not support Darwinism.

Since then, there have been tremendous advances in computing ability and mathematical probability theory, as well as huge jumps in our understanding of genetics. The present article is simply one more illustration of that. It is also an illustration of how scientists, many of whom support Darwinism, are incapable of providing a naturalistic model of change over time that harmonizes with what we know about genetics, probability, and time. The theory has attempted to move with the times, but despite the efforts of prodigious minds like the late Steve Goulding, Darwinism is increasingly a religion which cannot reinvent itself to provide a model which makes sense of the science which birthed it.

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