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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Species come and go, so when will the moonbat environmentalists die out?

Mark Steyn does it yet again. Why the hysteria over global warming and the consequent extinction of species? He absolutely center rims the most glaring paradox of concerns among Western Environmentalists. THEY, as Europeans are going extinct. Birth rates are plummeting, their traditional culture is being supplanted by some type of EU goo, and rather than panting over their own de-speciation (did I just coin a word?), they are hyperventilating over krill. To quote: "......if he doesn't care if he survives, why should the penguins and the krill feel any differently? Given the choice between the krill's hypothetically impending extinction and their own impending extinction already under way, Europeans would apparently rather fret about the denizens of the deep. Even Chesterton, who observed that once man has ceased to believe in God he'll believe in anything, might have marvelled at how swift the decay from post-Christian to post-evolutionary."

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