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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sebastian Mallaby: “Nobody Would Know Whom or What to Trust” —

Pretty good analysis of the situation in which we find ourselves. We know that we are at the limits of where we can go re: debt, yet the guys at Treasury have no other political choice. All roads lead to the printing press.

Buy non-perishable food. It is not foolishness to have six months or so of stuff stored away and is very very cheap. Buy a good (Berkey is recommended) water filter and a generator.

Buy gold and silver. Real gold and silver. Not etf funds, not gold mining stocks, not futures. Real stuff you can hold in your hand. Keep it safe...., and if you keep it in a safe deposit box at a bank (not recommended!!) then at the very very very first sign of lines in front of the bank for people to get their money out (it is too late to plan, then), get it out.

There are other prudent things to think about, but continuing to put your faith and hope in the government to fix this mess they have created is a fool's errand.

Sebastian Mallaby: “Nobody Would Know Whom or What to Trust” —

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