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Friday, September 17, 2010

Fury at the attempted seizure of IRAs

I am assuming anyone reading this knows of the upcoming attempt to steal the largest untapped source of funds by the Federal Government, the private retirement plans of the nation (IRA/401K plans)

They will cloak it in the language of needing to "protect" us against the wild fluctuations of the stock market and will drag up some idiot schlub who took his entire retirement account and put it in a penny stock company promising to make fuel from Ostrich guano or something. Now the poor moron is penniless. Boo hoo, don't you feel the pain? So we now have to put your money in something SAFE, like, er, "TREASURY BONDS." They are REAL SAFE, right? Never mind they just happen to be the major tool by which this group of money junkies borrow to finance the debt spiral they have created. They have our best interests at heart. Really!!!

Look at the comments at the link below on this. The fury is palpable here. This is the kind of stuff that gets the ruling class dragged into the streets to be guillotined, hanged, or shot in other countries.

PostScript#2 on the Death of your IRA and 401K | FINANCIAL SENSE

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