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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

SayUncle » Guns in parks

Tennessee recently revoked laws forbidding carry of firearms in public parks. There were predictions of a upsurge of violence, rage killings in parks and wild west shootouts in public places.... Well, "since the law removing restrictions of handguns in parks, an amazing thing happened. Nothing.

Whenever prohibitions on carry are loosened, there’s always calls that there will be blood in the streets and violence at kids’ soccer games. But it keeps not happening."

Dang it, and I bought myself a set of blood proof hip waders to slosh through that river of human blood for the next time I drive through Chattanooga. Looks like I wasted that purchase.

On a related note, Tennessee recently revoked its law against carrying in restaurants. They DID get their first shooting in a restaurant/bar after that law....... a drunk guy carrying in his pocket accidentally shot himself in the leg. Never mind that one of the first things he did was VIOLATE the law by drinking while carrying a firearm concealed (idiot!), the cretin actually got hammered while carrying a weapon. Again, guns and alcohol, bad combo. I am for concealed carry just about everywhere, but RESPONSIBLE concealed carry. The guy should have his carry permit permanently revoked.

Again, though, the Brady crowd are always yammering about predictions of wild west shootouts any time you allow carry of firearms anywhere. Truth is, it just doesn't happen. The worst that happens is usually some candidate for the Darwin Awards shoots himself....., like here.

SayUncle » Guns in parks

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