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Sunday, September 19, 2010

More Christine O’Donnell Craziness: ‘Midnight Picnic on a Satanic Alter’ | ChattahBox News Blog

So what about the 11 year old video where Christine claims she dabbled in witchcraft? Or the 15 year old clip about seeing a satanic altar?

Chattahbox (hey, it was on the google news feed!) had an entry where they referenced several times the claim that she sat with a guy on something that was thought to be a "Satanic Alter" (sic).

Here were my comments, though I doubt they will make it through the mods there:

Number one: Please learn how to spell “altar” before mocking the intelligence of someone talking about one. That would help a bit.

Number two: This was a 15 year old clip. Do you think you might find a home video where she sasses her mom, and play that so that we can see how defiant she is to authority? Why not criticize her fashion sense or hairstyle in a high school shot?

Number three: It is common for newly converted Christians to become a bit obsessed or fixated on the reality of a supernatural world, especially the demonic aspects. It is unfortunate that sometimes comments are made that sound a bit hyperbolic. I dunno about O’donnell. Maybe what she said was true, and maybe she embellished this stuff, or maybe made it up wholesale.

If you are questioning her veracity and integrity in the clip, I might be skeptical with you. I would then like to see how she handled being confronted on the issue. Part of maturity (if she misspoke, I don’t know if she did) would be saying, “I not only lied, but I lied in the name of the truth. That is wrong, and I hope my getting carried away 15 years ago doesn’t destroy my credibility today.” That would show not only common sense and maturity, but maturity about what Christianity is all about, which is not moral rectitude (though you would hope for that), but humility and repentance, rather than pride, foolishness and deceit.

As far as foolishness goes, though, it is the height of idiocy to assume a supercilious stance and mock the reality of a spiritual world that is populated by super-intelligent beings, some of whom are truly malevolent. Moreover it is the height of dumbass to assume there is no spillover from that world into this one.

I can’t tell from your jibe here. Are you just as stupid as you accuse O’donnell of being?

More Christine O’Donnell Craziness: ‘Midnight Picnic on a Satanic Alter’ | ChattahBox News Blog

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