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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I never thought of us as Communists.......

These are 3 of 10 of the central planks of the Communist Mannifesto (1848):

2) Graduated income tax
5) Centralization of credit by the state in the form of a central bank
10) Free universal education for children. Combining education with social goals of equipping children for industrial production.

These were NOT the marks of a free society before Marx and Engels, and were clearly seen as tools to implement state control over men.

The sad thing is that they are universally accepted in the "capitalist" west including the "land of the free." Go over to some red meat conservative site like RedState, Lucianne, or Free Republic and argue against one or all three of them. You will get a barrage of protests, and these are so called "conservative" sites to the point that they are fringe. How bout that? Conservatives who are 33% commies, and don't even know it!

No other way to argue it, we are about 1/3 Communist in the west. Marx would be proud.

The "hyperconservative" teaparty seems ready to break with number 5, and it is throwing the statists into hysterics. I am all for it. If we could get a movement that is ZERO per cent communist, rather than 20% communist (no one yet has officially repudiated planks 2 and 10 of the communist party), maybe I could get a TV, just to watch the CNN talking heads turn purple on the air.

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