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Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Pledge to America" Unveiled by Republicans (Full Text) - Political Hotsheet - CBS News

I downloaded it.

I read it.

I yawned.

I placed an order on Bullion Direct to buy more silver.

I bought some more ammo.

I downloaded a document called "a checklist for all your important papers in the event of an emergency"

I cancelled an auction on ebay to sell 100 cases of MREs. I think I will keep them......"just in case"

This is just a document whining about what O has done. There are VERY few specifics on how they plan to address them. In fact, the document is not really a plan for change at all, but a fulminating carping bleat. It disgusts me.

A REAL change by the Republican party would have:

1) an absolute budget freeze, across the board, in every department
2) a pledge to put on the prez desk (forcing him to veto), plans for the eradication of at least one federal department (Dept of Education?)
3) a commitment to force the president to constitutionally justify the use of so-called "czars" to manage sectors of our society. These are people whom the president has appointed to issue rules and regs that are in areas Constitutionally mandated to be overseen by Congress.
4) demanded an audit of the federal reserve
5) DEMANDED an audit of the federal reserve, including the gold in Ft. Knox
7) a pledge NOT TO FUND the unconstitutional travesty of "Obamacare"
8) a pledge to restore Social Security to solvency by means of a) adjusting retirement age b) means testing and c) voluntarily privatization of sections of the plan
9) a frank acknowledgement that we are facing a looming currency crisis that will not be easily solved (cutting money growth will initially increase the deficit, because we have moved so much of the economy under fed control), but stating plainly that ignoring it will mean future financial ruin. Specific plans to institute some lock on how much money we can flush into the system (a gold standard? there are lots of differing measures)
10) a statement that a Republican Congress will FULLY SUPPORT the current movement of individual states to assert their rights under the 9th and 10th amendments to resist federal encroachment in areas like health care, gun control, drug enforcement, immigration status.

This document is just political crap.

Sorry. Just the way I see it.

I hate the Republican Party.

"Pledge to America" Unveiled by Republicans (Full Text) - Political Hotsheet - CBS News

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Anonymous said...

A well-thought-out response that certain leaders would do well to consider!